If ever there was a time to get innovative, it’s now. While Tuesday saw World Health Day give respect and support to the people protecting our lives around the world, we all know that all the claps in the world will never be enough.

So do everyone a favour: stay at home and read these five amazing innovations from the people trying to save us from COVID-19.


1. The drones dropping vaccines

Deliveries happen by parachute

“If ever there were an urgent need for medical drone delivery, that time is now.” 

A drone company saving lives in Ghana and Rwanda has become a lesson in using autonomous drones as a tool for social distancing. When a coronavirus vaccine is produced, Zipline drones will assist with delivering it to critical areas.

Drones go the social distance to deliver drugs


2. Could India cure us?

Yes, that is Gandhi

“We are worried about the uncertainty of the coronavirus. It is our nationalistic duty to put all our resources to benefit the country.” 

Like it or not – and the international pharmaceutical industry doesn’t – an Indian drug company is boldly selling high quality copies of drugs cheaply. It looks like Cipla could be India’s first company to manufacture drugs for the coronavirus treatment.

It all began at the turn of the century in Mumbai


3. No touch necessary

Dr. Sanjeev Arora delivers to those who need it most

“We have to innovate a new model. There is a specialist shortage worldwide. Telehealth works because it’s simple.” 

As doctors limit face-to-face appointments to align with social distancing rules, tools that help us take care of a patient remotely are going mainstream. From Egypt to Ecuador, Project ECHO will get you a physician where you need it.

► The doctor is ready to see you now


4. Click to diagnose

Crowdsourcing is a powerful tool

“The more parasites you find, the more data you contribute to fighting the disease.”

This is gaming time that’s put to good use. With MalariaSpot, kids become virtual disease hunters with players around the world – diagnosing real patients by spotting parasites in blood samples. Imagine if we could click to kill corona.

Click on a parasite now


5. The healthcare warrior


Gary Cohen is transforming a sick society

“In moments of crisis, people turn to the health sector. We have the heart connection and then the science… and then the way forward.”

This pandemic may help us get to grips with the largest public health threat of the century: the climate crisis. We chatted to Gary Cohen, the president of Health Care Without Harm about the industry’s moral barometer, fighting toxics and building a global movement.

We’re big fans of Gary


Health is wealth

Atlas of the Future wants to say a huge thank you to every health worker including doctors, nurses and paramedics for protecting our lives.

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