It takes a special combo of people and ideas to make an event what it is, not just on stage, but everyone involved.

Having just caught our breath after our first event Fixing the future, we have newfound appreciation for those of you putting on some of our favourite congresses, like Maker Faire, Vevolution, OFFF Barcelona, Sonar+D and this weekend’s IAM Weekend. Big respect.

That’s why we’re proud to create behind the scenes videos from triumphs such as Meaning. Described as the ‘Glastonbury of business’, the edgy event showcases pioneers taking brave steps in unexpected places.

Mark Stevenson guest curated Meaning 2017 – and it rocked

Watch ► Let us take you inside the special gathering of thinkers and do-ers.

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We shoot from the heart, not the hip


The focus is always on meaning


We call this shot the reverse cowboy