The village farmer and holistic grazer’s top 5 ways to regenerate agriculture – from mushroom-related technologies to the Noah’s Ark of seeds near the North Pole.


1. Soil Food Web

Soil Food Web 1

Soiled goodies

Dr Elaine Ingham is leading the way in teaching farmers across the world in understanding their soil biology. This enables farmers to increase their productivity while simultaneously stopping the use of chemical nitrate fertilisers.


2. Agroforestry


Causing agro

Martin Crawford has single-handedly researched, experimentally grown and then cultivated thousands of perennial fruits nuts and vegetables that can survive in the UK climate. These can sustainably replace the energy hungry arable crops grown on mass today.


3. Fungi Perfecti

Mushrooms with a view

Mushrooms with a view

Paul Stamets is an inspirational mycologist who is solving so many of our world’s environmental problems with fungi. Just google “TED: talk – 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World” to see his amazing work.


4. Wilderness Awareness School

Wilderness Awareness School

Educating eco-warriors

John Young and the founding members of this school are leading the way in connecting children and families with the natural world. To capture a child’s imagination in nature and the natural world is one of the most important jobs anyone can do.


5. Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Seed Vault

My freezer’s bigger than yours

I have huge admiration for Cary Fowler and his team, who have located and stored the largest variety of crop diversity in the world as a safeguard to natural and man made disasters.


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