Next week the Atlas team heads to Madrid for the Spanish book launch of Mark Stevenson’s We Do Things Differently – which chronicles his travels across four continents to visiting the ordinary folk behind amazing innovations in healthcare, energy, food, water and education.

“Whether it’s governance and political systems that live by division, even as we become more connected world, or healthcare systems that only profit when we’re sick, or school systems educating our children into a world already past, our old systems are broken and we know it. Luckily that’s not the only story in town.”

The world is getting messy, but it’s not as messy as it seems. The pragmatic optimist will share his research finding those innovators, and introduce his favourite stories from the frontline of the future to the Spanish speaking world – from the activists in Brazil’s favelas making politicians popular (yes, really!) to the young man in rural India growing crops in places that seem hopeless.

“Spain is grappling with these issues along with every other nation. Innovators at all levels of society are challenging the status quo and succeeding, you just don’t always hear about them. I believe they give us a roadmap to, and a window on, a better future.”

Stevenson will be signing copies and answering questions, with an introduction by María Cifuentes, non-fiction editor of publishing house Galaxia Gutenberg. Send your questions to Mark using #AskMarkStevenson and #Reiniciarelmundo.

Mark Stevenson

Meet Mark Stevenson in Madrid

Where: Espacio Fundación Telefónica, C/ Fuencarral, 3, Madrid

When: 7–9pm, Tuesday 3 October 2017

Tickets: There is a limited guest list, so reserve your ticket.

Watch: If you can’t make it you can enjoy the live stream.

Buy the book: There is no better time to read this book.