The Atlas of the Future team is humbled by the turnout of over 160 people who fought their way through Barcelona’s unusually rainy streets for last week’s AtlasEvent with Mark Stevenson – ‘The future and what to do about it‘.

Catalonia’s leading newspaper La Vanguardia was also in attendance and chatted with the futurologist, who knows that the only way we can predict the future is “to build it”. Today the popular back page is dedicated to the full interview with the Atlas Advisor. You can read it online in Catalan and Spanish. (Or cut and paste it into Google Translate for an unintentionally more comedic take on Stevenson’s topics.)

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La Vanguardia 18 May 2016

During his introductory talk, the best-selling author of ‘An Optimist’s Tour of the Future‘ took us on a trip through Atlas projects from the Refugee Open Ware supporting people living in conflict areas with 3D printed prosthetics to the Sahara Forest Project greening the sands with the sea. They all have one thing in common – democratising the future.


Full house at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)



The chin-stroking Atlas ‘FutureFrow


Stevenson's optimism was contagious on twitter

Stevenson’s optimism was contagious on twitter


You can watch the live stream of the event here. It includes a short welcome in Catalan from Oriol Soler, Atlas co-founder.

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Main photo: David Airob for La Vanguardia