Welcome to the Farming month.

Six years of researching and publishing the people and projects out there working hard to build a better tomorrow has taught us many things here at Atlas of the Future. One of those is that collaboration is the water that floats our boat. And as we search for our next full-time editor we thought it was the perfect moment to mix things up a bit with an editorial takeover for the month of May. The theme: Farming. The takeover team: BCN Més

As you know we are London and Barcelona based and, as such, we’ve been fans of and friends with BCN Més for quite a while. Editorially, we’ve always shared an informative, optimistic and accessible tone with this independent, local mag, and when they spent a month covering the Catalan countryside and its relationship with its capital city, well, it piqued our interest.

When BCN Més isn’t researching the most exciting farming projects with Atlas of the Future, they can be found in the Catalan countryside, in their no-till vegetable garden trying to cultivate tomatoes at 1,000 meters.

It turns out the founders of BCN Més, Joe Littenberg (California/Idaho) and Lena Wiget (Hamburg), also have a small obsession with permaculture, regenerative no-till agriculture and making things grow. They have a young farm project outside of the city called La Caseta Alta and they often bring fresh produce down to the city for friends, restaurants and randoms that might be interested.

Each issue of El Papel magazine, by BCN Més, includes an envelope with a new seed each month.

Their combination of editorial research, hands-on dedication and kindredness of spirit makes BCN Més an ideal partner for this mash-up month dedicated to the coolest farming projects around the world. Enjoy it!

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