The future of construction goes far beyond 3D printable homes or smart cities. In this video created for Beyond Building Barcelona 2015, Atlas FutureHero Tomás Diez breaks down the history of technology applied to human housing, from its origins to the possible future.

With his work a IaaC and Fab Lab Barcelona, Tomás is interested in how the history of architecture has lead us to the point that…

– Robots might rule our lives and make them easier.

– Recycling and distributed energy production and storage will probably change enormously towards self-sufficiency.

– Linear economy will turn into a circular economy, and then spiral.

– At some point, the kids of our kids might not know what trash is.

– Instead of shipping things, we’ll replicate them with local materials.

– Objects will assemble and disassemble themselves.

– We will introduce codes into materials, programming them to be able to grow things, instead of building things, just like living beings, putting an end to the machine era.

– We will grow houses and inhabit space.

– Everything might be connected and continuously talking.


Launching September, Atlas of the Future delves into all of the above, and more. Sign up here to get access to the site next week and become a beta tester.