Our friends – and now partners – at Collectively interviewed Atlas editor Lisa Goldapple about our ‘enormous map’, the brilliant breakthrough ideas and heroes shaping our century, why collaboration has to be the way forward – and what it’s like ensuring everyone’s future is all mapped out.


Hi Lisa. So why an Atlas?

All around the world, never before has so much talent and energy been devoted to solving tomorrow’s biggest challenges – but a lot of it’s invisible, or inaccessible, to the general public. To help everyone make sense of what’s going on in (and out of) this world, we’re mapping the future-focused projects making our planet a better place. Our mission is to ‘democratise the future’. This simply means making sure developments are understandable and entertaining – not just in science and tech, politics or culture, urban planning or education, arts and design – but stories in every area of human activity.

Someone once told me you should say complicated things in a simple way, not simple things in a complicated way. At the Atlas we’re not scientists. We speak plainly. By raising the profiles of people behind the all the really good stuff that’s impacting society, and celebrating it in a way that everyone can get, the Atlas breaks down any barriers caused by experience, culture, language and age, so nobody feels excluded. But most importantly, helps everyone discover and shape a sustainable world that benefits everyone. (Without overusing the word ‘sustainable’!)


Read the full interview with Lisa here.

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