Ever travelled back to the future? Well, you’re about to.

Strap in, because we’re transporting you into the heart of Barcelona’s ramshackle old town, to within the sleek white and glass walls of its modern CCCB cultural centre – and smack bang into our very first AtlasEvent, Fixing the future … via the medium of video.

It’s time to introduce you to our carefully-curated ‘future-supergroup’ of 10 innovators fixing our food, economy and energy, and tackling climate change and water scarcity.

Atlas of the Future presents… Inside the event.

A massive thanks to all of our speakers:

Renegade economist: Kate Raworth

City reinventor: Areti Markopoulou

Renewables dynamo: Agamemnon Otero

⚡ Hydroponic hero: Richard Ballard

Blockchain startup founder: Jessi Baker

Science broadcaster: Gaia Vince

Supercomputer creator: Marco A. Attisani

Sustainability guru: Ed Gillespie

Cunning cattle rancher: Tony Lovell

Bestselling futurist: Mark Stevenson

… and the diverse and enthusiastic crowd of 350. It was a sell-out and we are thrilled by your future-hunger.

Watch ► All the talks are available to view on the Atlas of the Future YouTube channel. Subscribe here!

Introducing: the Atlas of the Future ‘supergroup’

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