It’s been a rough and challenging year, but the good news is that societal problems can be solved by humanity itself – which means that learning has never been more important.

When it comes to education, 2020 has been full of realisations about the extent to which empathy and ethics matter for society and the role that technology can play as an inclusive and long distance learning tool.

That’s why, from October, we introduced you to seven inspiring experts from the world of education in a special ‘Fixing the future’ series of weekly online talks. Together they provide an inspiring debate about the future-fit, learner-focused, justice-centred education that the world needs. Now you can watch them all online…


▶️ Stefania Giannini The top UN official in education

Stefania Giannini sees education as a bedrock of a more just and sustainable society. In her Fixing talk and Q&A, the UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education urges us ttake bold steps to create inclusive and resilient quality education systems. This means reopening schools, prioritising education in financial decisions, targeting inequalities and taking a leap towards forward-looking systems that deliver a quality education for all. 

“We need more than a global education movement today, but rather a societal movement; a new social contract that makes education a common good for a more equal and just world.”

Watch Stefania break down how how the UN sees education beyond Covid-19 


▶️ Eduard Vallory Champion for change

Eduard Vallory is the president of UNESCOCAT and founder and director of Escola Nova 21. In his Fixing talk and Q&A, he illustrates the debate around the two main models of education: the old school model based on transmitting facts, and the alternative, which nurtures children holistically. Do you see education as like kindling a flame or filling a vessel? 

“A quality education has to answer the local and global challenges of today and tomorrow, and be available to everybody.”

Watch Eduard muse on the first “permanently connected” generation 


▶️ Kiran Bir Sethi Revolutionary education guru

Kiran Bir Sethi is the design guru who started India’s top school and launched Design for Change. In her passionate and fun Fixing talk and Q&A, the awarded social entrepreneur talks about her experience of becoming a designer, then a mother, then the founder of the Riverside School – a revolutionary institution with empathy and compassion at its core. 

“If we believe that the universe is a friendly place, all our actions, creations, innovations and designs are going to be towards a kinder compassionate place. Our children have to believe that the world is welcoming them.”

Watch Kiran explore the curious world of children 



▶️ Ann Cook New York exam-buster

Ann Cook is the exam-buster who liberated 38 schools from standardised tests in New York. In her Fixing talk and Q&A, the executive director and co-founder of the New York Performance Standards Consortium explains how an alliance created performance assessments that are more successful in preparing students for university – and for life. 

“Learning is complex, so assessment should be too. Without having to concern ourselves with tests, we can refocus on the important things for kids, which is curriculum and instruction.”

Watch how Ann freed New York from oppressive tests 


▶️ Mmantsetsa Marope Global thought leader

Dr Mmantsetsa Marope is the Executive Director of the World Heritage Group and Honorary President of the Indian Ocean Comparative and International Education Society. In her Fixing talk and Q&A, the global thought leader shares how technology (in particular AI) can help us to address the global learning crisis.

“If we can support teachers with the scientific underpinnings of teaching and learning – and with technology that eases the areas that are difficult for humans to do alone – we could nudge forward towards a better future of learning.”

Watch the Prof on the ultimate benefit of education ►►►

▶️ Xavier Prats Education innovator

Formerly responsible for the modernisation of European education, training systems and health as a high-ranking official of the European Commission, iXavier Prats‘ Fixing talk and Q&A, the special advisor to global nonprofit Teach For All points out how higher education can solve global challenges by reconstructing trust in knowledge, education and science. 

“Vaccines are only made possible with huge advances in technology, but also with an unprecedented degree of cooperation between higher education institutions. If there’s something that will guarantee that we have a better future, it’s going to be believing in science and knowledge.”

Watch Xavier address how the pandemic has given us a sharp reminder of the potential of universities ►►►


▶️  David Price UK’s leading learning futurist

Global thought leader David Price OBE wants us to be curious in today’s digitally connected world – and to do things differently – by tackling the global epidemic of disengagement. In his Fixing talk and Q&A, the author explores the ecosystems around schools that are reimagining the ‘school’ as a platform of co-creation between students, parents, teachers and the whole community. 

“Education hasn’t really changed much in the past 140 years, so I welcome the growth of homeschooling, ‘DIY learning’ and ‘pop-up’ schools, where the distinction between teacher and learner is blurred. This DIY nature is really starting to challenge what we think of as a school.”

Watch David on the rise of social activism led by young people ►►►


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